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The biggest advantage of using G&L Masonry is our experience and training. Our foundation comes from our predecessor who began his career as a mason in Rome, Italy. He absorbed and endured many difficulties but ultimately paved the way for his sons to learn from the best. Being in the construction and masonry industry since the 1970s, we have evolved into a third generation company.


As the second generation began taking over, they formed a strong bond and pushed through the 1980s-1990s while establishing themselves as masters in the masonry industry. From interlocking pavers, brick veneer, commercial block buildings, concrete driveway and many other masonry projects, the same values still stood true: quality, precision and craftsmanship.

In 2006, Lucio Cervoni formed R.G.A. Construction Corporation where he introduced his son, Gianni Cervoni, to the family business . While under the guidance and training of his father, the business flourished in the masonry industry. In 2014 G&L Masonry, Ltd was established as a proud partnership between father and son while keeping the same lessons and knowledge that had been passed down through the generations.

Our Services Include

Paving Stones  // Remodeling  // Backyards // Driveways  // Walkways  // Much more...

 High Quality Materials 

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Affordable Prices

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